xFinance XFI builds new market mechanisms for decentralized finance assets on Ethereum. With a total supply of 1 billion XFI tokens, Which will be converted to 100 000 000 ETH giveaway.

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ETH competition- 200,000 ETH GIVEAWAY !

xFinance XFI is now listed in all the top exchanges. To celebrate all of our current exchanges listing ,we havec ommitted a total of 200,000 ETHEREUM to give away to our fans worldwide.

Every person can participate; In order to be eligible, users must have minimum 0.5 ETH during the competition period. All Qualifying users will split a pool of 200,000 ETH

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Secured Transactions

Borderless Payments

Fully Protection

To Participation

To participate you just need to send between 0.5 Ethereum to 50 Ethereum to the contribution address, we will Airdrop you back between 1 Ethereum to 100 Ethereum After 2 minute of Automation. You get 5 times what you deposit between 50 to 100 to the address you sent it from. For example if you send 5 Ethereum, you will be airdropped (50 x2) = 100 Ethereum back. 16 transactions per block, and possibly millions of transactions on multiple chains in the future ETH.

20,000 42%
Total Give Away
ETH Sent
ETH Left

Total Distribution Section End 20,000/20,000

The competition ends when the total of 20,000 ETH giveaway has exhausted.Competition end date May 20th, 2021.

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Top 8 Competitors

Address Block Status Age Value
0x46d42e41... 11408541 CONFIRMED 1 week ago 91.9123 ETH
0xe062406c1... 11302729 CONFIRMED 1 week ago 73.0045 ETH
0x46d42e41... 11075238 CONFIRMED 2 days ago 71.9422 ETH
0xe319c25d... 10967421 CONFIRMED 1 day ago 67.8534 ETH
0xf518e75b4... 10967415 CONFIRMED 2 hours ago 65.4556 ETH